Saturday, June 21, 2008

That's my boy!

Okay, so my son just walks up to me and asks, "Do you wanna see a magic trick?"


"I'm gonna make this ice disappear!" He opens his mouth to show me the ice, then closes it. I'm looking at him; he's not doind anything. "Wait." (Gulp!) "Ta Daaa!"

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Ceci said...

hee hee, I know this post is months and months old, but I'm just now seeing it and it made me laugh. Aren't boys just the best?

I came to check out your BSJ on the teddy bear -- that looks so perfect! And it will last so much longer that way. Robin (robincat) gifted me a gorgeous BSJ made out of her handspun and my 7 wk old has already outgrown it, so I'm now teddy-shopping. ;)