Saturday, June 21, 2008

That's my boy!

Okay, so my son just walks up to me and asks, "Do you wanna see a magic trick?"


"I'm gonna make this ice disappear!" He opens his mouth to show me the ice, then closes it. I'm looking at him; he's not doind anything. "Wait." (Gulp!) "Ta Daaa!"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Two FOs. Unbefreakinlievable

Thanks to my friend Ana's brilliant suggestion, the BSJ that is too small for the human child
is now happily clothing a teddy bear for darling Isaac. Jessica loved it, and that makes me a happy girl.

This was the first piece of knitting I finished since the accident, and it felt so good to finish something that I took all of my WIPs to a LLM in Temple to shame me into encourage me to finish some of them.
Well, I have been working on the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl with the recycled Sari Silk for literally over a year now. I had it practically finished, but I thought it needed to be longer. And, well, if it was going to be longer, I wanted some skeins with a darker overall tone to make it more stripy, so I ordered more yarn. By the time the yarn came, I had moved on and it languished for ages. After all of that, the gals helped me decide that it didn't really need to be longer anyway, so I borrowed a hook from CJ and CO, adding a chain for every 2 CO sts on the fan part, hoping it would make for a nice curve without making it ruffle.

Well, here it is, and I'm in love!!! Front
and back

I still need to wash and block it (still hoping for more length) and I know a lot of knitters out there hate this yarn, but I seriously love this shawl. It's quite heavy, at least 800 grams, but it really is comforting, as the name suggests. Here are some money shots:


Since I'm on a WIP kick, here goes:

Skull Cap (aka We Call Them Pirates), a Christmas present for my brudder, which only needed the lining when I was in the accident. I decided, for some crazy reason, to knit the lining in cotton (thinking it would be more comfy??). Of course this threw my gauge way off and I stayed in knitting denial about it for a while. It's way too tight, and there's no way this will squeeze onto his head without major dain bramage. I need to rip out the cotton lining and knit it in the same Telemark as the hat (unfortunately, the Black Telemark flew out of the car in the accident, so it'll have to be white).

The Woodland Shawl, by Thrifty Knitter.
I stalled on this because I was afraid it wouldn't block out wide enough for a shawl/stole. Again, the knitting gals at the LLM assured me that it would be fine. However, now I wonder if it could be transformed into a shrug. Hmmm...

Print O the Wave 2.
I haven't knit on this in a long long time, but it is so pretty, I'm not sure why I let it languish. I've got 23 of 33 repeats done on the main piece, so I have 10 more to go before adding the edging.

Howie's Knit to fit. For one of my brother and SIL's chihuahuas.

Thing is, I have startitis, and I'm trying to force myself into having some finishitis first. I'd love to start a summer knit (maybe the Lotus Blossom?) I'm also dying to start at least one of about 10 sock patterns. I've never made the Jaywalker socks, so maybe it's about time. I need to find some good summer sock yarn in my stash.

I got my splint off this week, and though my PT has clearly, unrelentingly unleashed her frustration on my wrist (read: ow!), I am so thrilled to have my arm back! My index finger will still not straighten and my thumb will not bend (though they will both get there in time), but I can grasp a knitting needle with my left hand and I think I might be able to get back to Continental knitting fairly soon. It's a long road, but at least I get to travel it ♥

How crazy, I don't blog in ages, don't post pics when I do (BORing!) and all of a sudden, just like that, I have a post WITH tons of pics. Yay me. (Well, maybe I should wait to celebrate. Let's hope for a repeat performance.)