Wednesday, May 28, 2008

BSJ nearing completion!

Ah, how I long for the good ol' days when I could crank out the knitting, lickety split. On the other hand, since it's hard to knit for long stretches at a time and I am forced to slow down, it has even more of that contemplative thing going on.

I feel like I've been knitting the BSJ, which is really pretty simple, forever and a day. Now I'm three rows from being done, and I'm pretty darn sure it's going to be way too small.

I wonder if adding a garter stitch strip (say that three times fast) across the shoulders would be enough to make it wearable. I don't even know if it is too small, but it sure looks that way to me.

I do take photos occasionally. I never seem to post them, but I do take them :)

Though I don't have a pic of the Baby surprise, I do have a pic of the yarn. Yeah, I know. But it's better than nothin'.

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