Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Didn't make it...

Well, I really tried. I made a real effort, gave it a good college try, but I failed.

I tried to make it a whole year without posting to this blog, and with mere weeks to go, I'm blowing it. Breaking the silence.

Why, you may ask? Oh, no reason. Not really. I've been knitting, of course. Do I have the photos to prove it, and to entertain you and hold your interest? No. Silly of you to ask. I did move, and perhaps that whole "new beginnings" thing has urged me to return to my blog.

So... some of my FOs over the last year:
a baby blanket (carseat style, about 2'x3') and an Elefante to match for my new cousin, Jeremy.
crocheted snowflake ornaments that were attached to Christmas/Holiday cards for my coworkers
a clerical stole for my brother that truly rocked, imho, made of Noro Silk Garden Sock and Kureyon Sock
other misc stuff I cen't remember right now

OTN and active
a pair of socks that I finished, then realized were too tight over the instep/heel, despite having planned on a mod to avoid that very flaw. Ripped back to the heel, making a different mod now. We'll see

OTN and periodically active
Twisted socks in Netherfield, 3x1 rib.
My brother's We Call Them Pirate Hat (I ripped out the old lining and am almost done with the new lining.)
Amy's felted purse, also nearly done. I just need to sew on the second strap and felt it. There's no excuse for these last two to not be done. Srsly.

The baby blanket I started 7 years ago.
The Woodland Stole that I decided should be something else.
Lotus Blossom Tank. I don't even know why I stopped knitting on this. I really like it. It should move to at least the "periodically active" list soon.
There are prolly others I can't remember

This I should have OTN but don't yet
baldie bed cap (for my coworker's hubby, whose adorable bald head gets too cold at night.)
Baby things for my other coworker, who is having a boy in August. I'm thinking the Super Natural Stripes Sweater by f.pea with Baby Moc-a-Socks by Bekah Knits to match. I want to do a blankie, too, I think.

Seems silly ot post with so little to write about, but as my therapist is fond of saying, "Any move in a positive direction is progress." So there ya have it.