Sunday, October 28, 2007

Giving up hope of ever being a good blogger

Well, it's pretty clear at this point that blogging isn't exactly my forte. I'd rather be knitting than writing about knitting, I guess. I could make the time, I know, just like I could make the time to do all of the laundry or mop the bathroom floors (though, admittedly, blogging would be much more f8n than either of those)....


I do have quite a lot to write about, actually. No pics to post (and I hardly ever read other people's posts without pics. Maybe that's why I stall so much... 'cause I know this'll be boring w/o pics.)

Okay, 'nuff whinin'. Here goes:

  • Ethan's toesies socks (only 2 toes to go and they're done!)
  • Reycled Silk Feather and Fan Comfort shawl --one or two skeins to go, then I'm done. This is reaalllly heavy, but beautiful. "Gee, Allison, can we see a photo?" "No!! Now go eat your soup!" (huh?)
  • A surprise for a relative (it's on Hello Yarn)--actually there are two patterns here for 2 relatives, but only one's OTN so far.
  • POTW2--Eunny's awesome pattern.
  • The Woodland Shawl, by Thrifty Knitter I'm doing it in Silk Garden Light (greens, neutrals, orange--don't remember color#). Great pattern, and it's gorgeous.
  • Grandmother's Shawl. I used the free Kiri pattern. I actually made it twice. Once in KSH "Ice Cream", and I thought partway through that it just wasn't jazzy enough for Grandmother's 80th birthday, so I finished that one and immediately CO another with Kid Silk Night in a deep purple. (Remember the poem that starts "When I am old, I shall wear purple"? I thought of that and knew her shawl had to be purple.) I added beads to the last repeat, and she loves it.
  • Apple Laine Funny Girl socks. Very plain, pretty, comfy WARM socks. Not cold enough here to appreciate them yet!

I just wanted to make myself blog some, in the hopes that I can develop a habit at some point. I need to take pictures. And post them.

This is really just for me to have a, well, ya know, log of what I've been doing. Shouldn't be a chore. Or a bore. Somehow I've turned it into both. Need to change my thinking on that.

ok. bye.